Friday, April 29, 2016

Sassy Pants

This DD thing we do is 100% consensual!  Right? That means as a TiH I get a say in the rules and consequences.  Right?

Do you see where this is going?

It is a trap.  What I am really saying is that I want to make the rules and tell my HOH exactly how to enforce them.

Yep.  That works.

How long corner time should be.  How hard swats should be and just what an acceptable punishment is!  Yes.  I even get to say when I should get a punishment! Right?  I am 100% in control of TTWD.  it has absolutely nothing to do with what my HOH wants.  Nope. It is all about ME

Sounds a little selfish?

Yes, it does.  It sounds just like a toddler.  It is my way or you don't get to play.

I know that I fell into this trap when I first asked for DD.  I wanted it my way.  You know, like Burger King.  Fortunately, Dragon had other ideas.

He is the HOH and I am the TiH.  We discuss how things work but I don't always get my way.  He leads his way.  He does it in such a loving way that sometimes I don't even realize that he is doing it.

When he gives out a correction, it isn't necessarily a punishment. Sometimes it is just a gentle nudge in the right direction.  This thing we do is about relationship.  Admitting that two people can't steer the boat at the same time.  One boat can only go one direction at a time.

I may just be thinking to much.  Ya think?


  1. LOL Rose...I think! ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. A walk down memory lane with a little bit of giggle. It is amazing how far we have come since I first asked to be spanked. Thanks for stopping by Sweet Cat!

  2. LOL. I think back to those days of "agreed upon 'rules' " . Yeah, it wasn't what was really wanted or needed. You as the sub end up feeling like you 'own' them then. If he doesn't do what he said, or you 'agreed' upon then you are keeping score and therefore monitoring him. LOL. Honestly though, I think if the sub brings ttwd to the husband, this is a natural progression of sorts. A thing you have to go through before you both realize, 'wait a minute here' I did find, as I was warned at the start, that if it was 'agreed' upon or we 'both' came up with 'things' he had a tendency not to be as consistent. Fortunately he eventually had different ideas too! Ah ......growth

  3. You love your dragon and he loves you.