Sunday, April 17, 2016

Poor Dragon

He has gotten a taste of being a HOH again and he is hooked.  We are deep in the city.  Where parking spaces are rare and walking is the norm.  Our kids are playing in a music festival.  Fun stuff.  And all Dragon can think about is spanking my backside.

He is a man on a mission.

Every time I turn around he is showing me what is on his mind.  Whispered words, telling me what he is going to do to me as soon as we are alone.  A full-handed squeeze right where the belt left a sore spot.  Random swats and the caveman ponytail pull.

If he does everything he has hinted at, I won't be sitting for a week.  TWO weeks even!  He has my attention!  His PTSD is still here.  It never goes away but he isn't in a crisis.  I can identify his triggers again. And boy what a challenge.

He went from absolutely ZERO at home to obsessed. And he is obsessed with my backside!  I am loving this.  He asked me to read more books than would turn my switch on.  Naturally I asked for Corbins Bend books.  He delivered!

I love reading about ladies getting their first fun spanking and then a punishment.  Dragon loves listening to me retell the stories. An oral book report maybe?

I hope this lasts!  Morning and evening swats.  Daily tasks and the old rules are back.  

We are out on the town and he can't do what he wants to do.  Poor Dragon. He wants to yank my pants and panties down.  He wants to blister my backside and take his pleasure.

He has to wait.  Poor thing.

Soon Dragon.  When we get home you can have your way with me.


  1. Hope you had fun and made it home to receive all of Dragon's promises.

    1. The music festival was great. I love watching my kids show an audience what they are learning. And Dragon is great now that we are home. Thanks!

  2. Doing my happy dance for you two, Rose. Hope Dragon had his way with you and you had your way with him! ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. For some odd reason, my bottom feels a little raw. Owie. Thanks Cat. I am absolutely loving this.

  3. Replies
    1. Dragon sure does seem to be enjoying it! Thanks