Monday, April 25, 2016


Dragon works every Sunday but it is usually a short day.  Just a few hours.  It seems that we have gotten into a new routine.

He gets home and goes to the garage to enjoy his wood working.  After an hour or so I join him.  I go to my little workout space and read my book until he is to a stopping point.  My space is curtained off with tarps to keep the saw dust out.  It is surprisingly effective.

Eventually he joins me and we put on a movie.  I take off my shirt and sit at his feet on the soft mats I have down.   After lots of touching he pulls me to my feet and finishes undressing me.  When I am completely nude he positions me to his satisfaction.  I can hear the zipper of the toy bag open and the shuffling sound  the paddle collection shift as he chooses one.

Sometimes I get a warm up.  If he makes sure I am comfortable before the first swats, I know this is going to be more fun than serious.  If he places my hands on the weight bench and puts his arm around my waist, I know that it will be more serious.  The fun kind comes with laughter and love making.  The more serious one comes with a lecture given between swats.

I never know what is coming until I am nude and he positions my bottom to receive the weekly spanking.  I never thought that I could look forward to the unknown.  Yes, I know that a spanking is going to happen.  I know we are going to have sex.  I just don't know what kind.

I start getting antsy after church and by the time he gets home from work I am a mess.  Desire, dread, day dreams, need, regret.  All wrapped up together.

Yesterday, when it was time, I couldn't breathe. Spring can be unpredictable and my lungs don't like the wind that seems to constantly blow this time of the year.  No spanking of any kind for me.  I took antihistamines and went to bed.

Today, my bumside almost aches.  I need to feel that paddle.  I need the soreness that lingers into Monday.  My body is telling me that something is missing.  It is missing the sting of the paddle.

Today was a long day at work for Dragon.  I doubt he would even feel up to a well earned punishment.  I could slam doors all over the house and he would say 'shhh'.  That's okay.  My backside will have to wait.

Update!  Dragon got home after 8.  I had dinner timed perfect.  I was putting hot food on the table as he walked in the door.  After dinner he wanted to glue up the top for the book shelf.  It is a cross between shaker and mission style.  Unique but will fit into our home perfectly.

I waited a few minutes and went to my little area of the garage.  He came in as soon as he had the clamps tightened down.  We watched our show and talked about our day.

When it came time for make up spanks, it was somewhere between fun and serious.  Hard, fast and to the point but with a warm up.  He even used the flogger.

I am feeling much better.


  1. So sorry your allergies interfered with your Sunday ritual, Rose. Happy you two were able to make up for it tonight. Take care of yourself.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I'm not sure what the Monday spanking was. He mixed things up on me but said it was what I needed. It was. Love my man. :-)

  2. Hi Rose, found your blog yesterday and I have been very entertained reading your stories with Dragon. I checked out his blog also but was kinda bummed it hasn't been written in awhile :( Anyway we are new to this but have been blogging about it and enjoying the journey. Nice to meet ya!

    1. Welcome to my little corner of blog land and TTWD! Unfortunately, Dragon isn't much of a writer and with his work schedule, I understand. My blog is just about us. The good, the bad and that happens in between. Thanks for stopping by!