Friday, April 29, 2016

Alternative Punishment

Dragon has been using some alternative punishments.

 In December he used a ginger fig. It burned.  It was uncomfortable but there is just one problem. I love to hate figging.  After we made love I had to ask if that was a punishment or funishment?  We decided on the second option.

This week he used the flogger.  No warm up.  Hard strikes from the very first swing.  He used the whip that I can the snake because it has a nasty bite.  By the time he was done, I was in sub space.  Was that a fail or a success?  I'm not sure.

He uses icy hot and toothpaste on my button when I need a heated reminder to be kind.  Some situations need that little extra something to keep things under control.  Like maybe my mouth and my southern creativity? This one is very effective.  It even helps me stay calm in the crowded mall.   With icy hot burning my bits I can stay for hours.  Without it I am done in less than 30 minutes.

Kneeling isn't always an option and again, I like it.  Standing in the corner just feels silly but I think that is the point. Dragon avoids both of those. Clothes pins are another punishment he hasn't used yet.  He has considered them a few times but changed his mind.  I HATE clips.  Nipples or clit, don't like them at all.

  He has used lines before.  Written with my dumb hand to make sure I spent enough time sitting on my sore backside.  Coloring in a child's coloring book is another common punishment he uses.  Act like a child, get treated like one.  No color pencils for me.  Nope, fat crayons.  Even a fat pencil for the lines.

Loss of panties is his favorite punishment.  Very uncomfortable for me especially in public.  He discreetly reaches into my waist, pulls up one side of my panties and cuts.  Garbage.  When the kids eventually move our he tells me that it won't just be my panties that I will do without.

Dragon has finally figured out that my backside isn't fragile. I can take a hard swing with the belt, paddle or flogger.  He has figured out that there is more than one way to punish.   I am looking forward to what he comes up with next.


  1. Well if you are like me, and your backside is not fragile, then the process and physical after effects of getting into subspace can be deemed a punishment. I understand the confusion though as it is a great place, floating away. I suppose the end result which for me can last hours, or in some way days ( yeah that one wasn't much fun) still benefits all, and that is the point right? To calm and enhance the relationship?

    I can't say for myself that punishments ( though I HATE them) are a deterrent. If I am 'in a mood' I generally don't think, " I better stop because he's going to whack me". Too late by then. For us they are more an exclamation point that my actions/words are unacceptable but also that they bother him enough to take action. That is the deterrent I suppose. So if I were you, I'd concentrate of the feelings after, and use that as the measuring stick of whether they are effective, not how horrible they are? LOL


    1. So many emotions come with a punishment. After almost 6 years, subspace was a new one. It took me by surprise. My shoulders are still sore and it was two days ago. Yep. Still purring. Dragon doesn't like the anxiety that I have before a public. He doesn't understand that most of it is because I disappointed him. He wants to see me calmer before. Working on it. I think I am getting better.

    2. Blag. Auto correct. Punishment not public. I corrected that word twice and it still didn't come out right.

      A funny? Dragon though he had only punished me twice until he though about it again. Closer to 30 times with about 10 being swats. I guess he gets more pleasure from it than he was willing to admit.

  2. interesting punishments

  3. Good gravy...that man is downright creative isn't he! Can't wait to see what he comes up with next! Even with the punishment, I'm 'hearing' more joy in your 'voice' which makes me very happy.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Dragon is doing so much better. I know this is just the calm before the next storm but I can enjoy it while it lasts.