Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Subspace and Safe words

We play hard but it has been a while since we have really had a scene that pushed limits.  The BELT pushed me hard.

It was a hard limit but not anymore.  I actually enjoyed it.  It has a biting sting that feels so different from the paddle or even the flogger.  I had to get past my fear of it to even begin to experience what the belt can do.  Pure pleasure.

As always Dragon started slow and easy.  First with his hand and then with the paddle.  Round one, he didn't even take off his belt.  Round two he warmed my backside up again, turning it a nice cherry red with the paddle.  When he felt me relax into the scene, the belt came off.

Kiss the leather and receive the benefits.  Lots of touching and caressing.  He made sure we stayed connected.  Swat, swat, touch. Rinse, repeat.  Slowly the light taps began to sting and finally bite hard.  Pleasant in a way that only a spanko could understand.

Every time a sound escaped my mouth, Dragon checked in for a safe word.  Green most of the time with just a few yellows.   As I began to sink into subspace, my answers came slower.  He ended everything when I couldn't answer him.

I was right on the edge.  Almost there and he ended it.

I understand why.  It was the belt and the fact that it has been so long.  He didn't want to scare me or do any damage.  It was for our pleasure.  For both of us. And when I can't respond, it is harder for him to judge how I am doing.

He said that I didn't sound right.  It was probably just the way I am going to react to the belt but he couldn't be sure.

Better safe than sorry.  It will take a few hard belt spankings to be sure.

He left me wanting more and with something new, that isn't a bad thing.  Sunday has been designated spanking day.  Not just one session but several.  I am sure the belt will be a regular part of our spanking routine.

Bad news.  My fanny isn't bruised.  Good news?  It is nice and sore.  He even gave me a few stinging swats before he left today.

Dragon really is back.  Happy dance!


  1. Happy dancing for both of you, Rose! Welcome back, Dragon! ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Hopefully it sticks this time. Thanks

  2. Replies
    1. He has spanked me every day this week! Where did that come from? Thanks for stopping by

  3. Well you are a better woman than I. When left on the verge of subspace, I become a tad more than 'disappointed'...LOL. Here's hoping you find yourself flying sooner rather than later!


    1. I understand why he stopped but it did put me in a bit of a funk. Probably why I have been spanked every day! Yesterday he got my backside twice! Hopefully I sink into subspace soon. I really miss flying. It has been a long time. Fingers crossed!