Monday, January 26, 2015

A Whirlwind of Life

I need to breathe.  This is coming fast.

We are officially under contract for the land.  We had to buy cheap and it shows.  We won't be able to even begin building for months.  We have to clean up all the junk and garbage, cut down and burn the dead trees, pull up the rotten fence posts and carefully get rid of the rusted fencing.  That is going to be fun.  Tangled, rusted barbed wire.  Hmmmm..

We still need to call the surveyor and find the septic tank.

So much to do.

But I did get to smile today.  Dragon was playing on his phone this morning during breakfast. That is unusual. Breakfast is our time together, not looking down at a black plastic rectangle. Then he told me what he did.

I woke up the kids with my squeal.

He ordered the house plans I picked out.  :-)

Home.  The kennel, his workshop, room for our family.  Animals.  A horse, cow, chickens and a goat.

I am trying to remember how to breathe.  So much happening so fast.


  1. HUGE GRIN over here Rose and doing my happy dance for you! Sending lots more prayers and positive energy. :D

    Hugs and Blessings...