Tuesday, January 13, 2015


With one daughter grown and the other two teenagers, modesty is always a fight. I have struggled to find a way to teach them this most valuable lesson.

Then the Christmas tree gave me a hint.

What if I wrapped all the presents in pretty, transparent cellophane bags with beautiful bows?

Why would you do that mom?

Well, that way you won't fuss over what is under the tree.  You would know what was in every package.

That wouldn't be any fun.

The same thing applies to clothes.  Boys go after the girls who are mostly naked because they are advertising free sex.  Is that what you want to say?


Dress with care in clothes that flatter you and you will make the boys drool.  You will get the right kind of attention.

I don't know if it sank in but I tried.  It breaks my heart when I see my oldest dressed like a hooker.  I hope my younger kids see the value in dressing nice.


  1. I just had this conversation with my daughter. I said you can dress sexy, alluring, attractive etc.... Without looking sleazy. A little skin in some areas is nice.... Everywhere and everything in the same outfit, not so much. She says I am Conservative... With a smile on her face.
    I keep trying to explain the difference without sounding like a prude. I did use the advertising theme.... Ie.... Are you wanting a man who cares about you, or advertising a one night stand?
    Maybe I am old fashioned....in some things. I just don't want her hurt!
    I like your analogy though! ;-)

    1. I told my daughter to look in fashion magazines for classic looks and keep them modest. Dressing nice goes further than dressing like a tramp. I just hope something sinks in. Good luck. I think we both need a little.

  2. I hope the message was received, it was delivered in a very clever package.

  3. What an excellent analogy Rose! I have to wonder why so many young women dress like hookers...hope all your girls listen to you!

    Hugs and Blessings...

  4. I think the girls like all the attention they get when they dress like that. They don't realize or don't care that it is the wrong kind of attention. You can dress sexy without advertising free sex. I wish more women realized that.

  5. It is increasingly difficult in this day and age to have daughters. We went through the same state of affairs when our daughter was a teenager. Fortunately, it was just a phase and by the time she entered her twenties she changed completely.

    I do blame advertising. We have had terrible trouble in England with some well-known department stores selling G-string panties for ten year olds! I kid you not! It was only due to numerous complaints by caring mothers that these were removed from the stores. But it pays to remain vigilant.