Friday, January 16, 2015

Yet Again

My health is not getting better.  I can't seem to snap out of this.  I try to exercise but pain stops me before I even get a good start.  Most days I walk less than half a mile.  That isn't enough.  I barely eat and my weight keeps going up.

I asked for something and Dragon said yes.

Years ago I lost a lot of weight on Neutisystem.  My health then was like it is now and I was desperate for a solution.  I only purchased one month of food but made it last several months.  Eating just the little microwave meals didn't work for a mom with small children.

Dragon was deployed.  I don't remember where.  We had spent $$$$ on doctor bills trying to figure out what was wrong. We had no success.  He was gone for 5 months.  I started the program about 3 weeks into our time apparent.  It played off in a big way.

By the time he got home I was walking almost 5 miles a day and dropped 2 full dress sizes.

Even with anna knocking on the door Dragon is going to let me try it again.  He won't be taking any long trips overseas and his working hours are slowing down.  He will be there to make sure anna doesn't take over my life again.

I hope I can do this.  It is like an alcoholic dealing with a problem by drinking a beer but I have to eat and I have to stop the cycle I am in.  Scary but it feels like I am out of options.

The plan is a do one month and see where I am.  Spend a month really focusing on good nutrition and exercise then reevaluate again. I don't like the uncertainty but Dragon will be there to catch me if I fall.

Prayers please for my Dragon.  We finally did what needed to be done.  Our two little dogs are gone.  It was so hard for my Dragon.  He says that he feels like he betrayed a friend.  He didn't sleep last night and said that he deserved it.  Those puppies were both suffering.  It was time.


  1. I am sure all your blogger friends will have you both in their prayers. And good luck in dealing with these issues. Hope you get better soon.


    1. If anna gets out of control I am sure Dragon's belt will put things back into perspective. He has a way of making me listen when I don't want to hear the message. I am just worried about him. Unfortunately, I can't use the belt to fix his broken heart.

  2. Oh and Dragon are definitely in my prayers...I have had to say goodbye to several four legged family members over the years and it is so hard and painful. Sending lots of positive energy that you can get your nutrition and weight under control without activating anna...if you aren't already, please consider taking a good multivitamin that has more than the daily percentage of the B vitamins and vitamin D.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Dragon had a good night. For a change he slept. Someone was praying for him. :)