Monday, June 11, 2012


There are times I NEED a spanking.

No, not a punishment.  Simply a spanking to reassure me that he is on top of his game and still in charge.

A spanking to lower my stress level.

A spanking that lets me feel his authority in a very real way.

How do I know when I need a reassurance spanking?  That part is easy.  I can feel the anziety building in my chest.  I feel uncomfortable in my own skin.  And the most accurate indicator?  My backside feels funny.  It almost hurts but not quite.  I can almost feel the spanking.  The sting of the swats.

I get this feeling when it has been a few weeks between spankings.  Flogging is not the same.  He can flog my back and leave some nice tiger stripes behind but I'll still need the paddle.

It is a mystery.  No idea why this happens but it does.  In times like this I need to be spanked to tears but I know that won't happen.  The tears won't fall.  Not from physical pain and not from the humiliation of being spanked.    I wish I could cry.

I'll update this post when I get the spanking I need.  If it happens.

Icy hot?  Hey this isn't a punishment!  My backside is on fire from ICY HOT!  This is going to be a very long day.  I think he may be planning on spanking a pre warmed bottom.


  1. I'll cry for you wearing ICY HOT all day. Ouch

    1. my backside still burns from that stuff.

  2. It's like you actually itch for it. Very interesting. Sorry about the icy hot. Be good!

    1. The burn has faded but not the itch. I still need that spanking but I'm not saying anything to Dragon. NO WAY!

  3. I so get this feeling!!!... I do tend to tell J, but I think he is still conflicted with the notion of needing a spanking to keep me from getting out of hand. He tends to not acknowledge it once I've mentioned it... and if I bring it up again, I feel like I'm bratting. :(

    I hope you get whatever you need most.


  4. I get this feeling to. It also helps for me to actually ask for one, when I feel I really need it rather than do something stupid in a non-thinking moment that actually warrants one. ;)
    Good luck with the move!