Saturday, June 9, 2012


Over at My Bottom Smarts Bonnies munch topic is anticipation.  Does he make you wait?  How does it feel to wait?  Dragon doesn't make me wait for a punishment at all.  The anticipation turned me into a nervous wreck.  I couldn't handle even the hour it takes to get from the nearest city to our small home town.  I fully admit my weakness.

It was never really discussed.  He simply never makes me wait more than a few minutes for minor infractions or an hour for more serious infractions (seat belt).   He will tell me that I deserve a barn burner but if for some reason he can't get it over with right away, I get away with just a lecture.  (I'll tell you something, the lecture is bad enough!)

Dang Bonnie!

Her blog post sparked a discussion and Dragon got that look on his face.

You know the one....

Half smile?

Half sneer?

Totally terrifying?

Yep, that one.

My heart dropped and my stomach did a fantastic cartwheel.

"You know, there won't be anymore waiting at all.  Not for you.  I have the icy hot I can use anytime you misbehave.  You won't have to wait for your punishment and I know you will be squirming with discomfort."

Oh CRAP!  This is a bunch of male bovine excrement.  Horse poop even!  That apple pie is really going to do it.

Do what you ask?

Good question.

Well I hope that there will be two levels of icy hot.  Rubbed generously into the sit spot for minor offences.  That is uncomfortable but not too bad.  Kinka like a punishment for those little things I do that gets on his nerves.  For a major offence like forgetting my seat belt or dropping the F bomb?  It goes right on the clit.  OH H@#$ Heck!  That burns.  AND NOTHING HELPS!  Ones icy hot is on those most delicate parts, it is there until it is done.  About 30 minutes?  It is miserable.  Try sitting still and eating a meal in a nice restaurant like that!  It feels like someone took a blow torch to your private parts.

And yes, he will be able to tell if I really put it there in the public restroom.  My squirming while we are still out, the red cheeks from embarrassment and the left over scent that is left behind in my panties when we get home.   I think it is too much to hope for that he will separate it into two levels.  The sadist in him loves to see me wiggle with my pink lady parts burning.

And of course he reminds me that ginger is always an option if we have privacy but the sound of the paddle would risk discovery.


Dragon is coming!  Gotta go!


  1. I think I would rather get used to waiting. The other options sound downright mean.

    1. too late for me. It is up to Dragon now. I can always refuse but my guilt will eventually overwhelm my thoughts. I'll end up OTK hours latter and have heck to pay.

      It has been a long time since I have had the icy hot on my lady parts. He is away from home right now. I think I'll try just a little so I'll know just how bad it is.

  2. Oohhh. I think I'm squirming enough just reading about it lol!

    Dee x

    1. squirming? Nope that would be me. Dragon found this post! Yikes

  3. Not mentioning anything about this to my guy. No way.

    Be good!

  4. I like icy hot, but she has been a good girl! Dangit!

    1. I Hate icy hot and punishment spankings. Why do you think I try so hard to be good?