Monday, December 28, 2015

The Punishment

Dragon was cold when he finally got home from work.  The rain was falling in wind blown sheets and ice cold.  Flooding forced us to cancel our plans.  We would have needed an amphibious vehicle to go anywhere.  The rain just won't stop.

We put away the groceries.  Dragon had to buy them in the city.  Our little small town grocery didn't have power.  No refrigerated food at all.  The entire family worked together to get dinner on the table.

After a hot meal, he felt much better.  Dragon sent me to the bedroom and followed soon after.  I expected a trip to the garage but he wanted to stay warm. Pants and panties removed, I figured out how he intended to punish me with a full house.  Ginger!  He placed some against my bits and then a full finger into my backside.  FIGGING!

During one of those discussions where we reevaluate hard limits, I took punishing my ass off the list.  I let him know that we needed quiet punishments and that could be one.  Plugs, ginger and sex were added to the soft limit like. Meaning, I may not like it but I'll submit.  I added things that I already struggle with.  He decided that it was time to do it.

After the ginger was firmly in place, he had me dress and go put away dinner.  (Don't show any discomfort.  No wiggling or squirming.)  After the table was cleared and teeth brushed it was time for bed.  To make sure that the ginger did its job, he had me perform oral.  With my bottom burning, it wasn't hard.

Dragon removed the ginger and took my burning backside hard and fast.  Just goes to show that a little prep goes a long way.  My obedience with the plugs paid off.  He took his pleasure without hurting me and left me wanting more.
With strict instructions not to finish the job myself, he went to sleep.

I still feel the burn of the ginger.  My body aches to finish what he started.  But I know that submitting to his every demand pleased him.  After he was done I was deep into subspace.  The impersonal handling makes me not want to repeat the experience. That and not being allowed to climax myself.

Definitely a punishment.

I wonder what he will come up with for next time.  I am almost afraid to ask. Only almost.  I trust him completely.  Heart and body.


  1. Ginger intrigues me. I have gone so far as to buy some once but never was used.
    Glad you are all done and dusted and fully forgiven.

    1. Ginger can be fun or not... I felt much better.

  2. I do like my ginger cookies but don't think I would enjoy ginger stuck anywhere in my body. Kudos to you Rose! Hope the water has gone down and everything is getting back to normal.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat