Sunday, December 27, 2015

Confession and Submitting

Life has been hectic.  So much going on that we are in survival mode.  Dragon is very much the HOH.  When I forget he is quick to remind me.  We have even started back with the submission games.  Things that push me hard.

All that is great.  It has kept us close during hard times.


Something is missing and I need it.

Our play time is already serious.  It pushes my boundaries hard but I NEED punishment.

Not a barn burner every week but enough to know there are consequences.

Since I need it and Dragon actually does enjoy it, I confessed.  When I mess up and I need the slate wiped clean I am going to tell Dragon.  He isn't a mind reader.  Nor is he home to see that the rules are followed.  Once I confess my part is done.  What happens from there is up to him.

He has an arsenal of punishments.  Some take effort from him.  Some take effort from me.  Reflection time, paddle, belt, kneeling, ginger, toothpaste, loss of privileges.  Which one he picks is up to him.

The first confession today was my mouth.  I have let a few ugly words slip in the past week.  The garage is cold but I have a sneaking feeling that my backside is going to be bare and on fire.  Dragon hates it when I cuss but he understands stress too.  The only question in my mind is if he is going to use the paddle or the belt.

It won't take long.

It won't even take much effort on his part.

We shall see....

Am I strong enough to keep this up?


  1. Hey Rose...since you both need and thrive on this dynamic, I believe you are strong enough to keep it up. Sending lots of positive energy.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks Cat. We are having some weird weather. Yesterday we were running from a huge tornado and today we are watching blizzard conditions. Everything is flooded and we have a house full. All of our kids are here.

      With the weather and noise issues Dragon picked a quiet method. Ginger! He used it to full effect. My bits still burn. He has gotten creative.