Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Cure for Insomnia and Stress

I have had a few stressors in my life this past month. You think? Yep. I think. When my husband had surgery on his shoulder, DD took a back seat for a while. Stress relief didn’t happen. I got spanked but not just for that purpose. Punishment, pre-emptive, warnings. Yep. Just not regularly scheduled stress relief.

Then comes Saturday morning. That is when THING 2 received his name. WOWCH! ! ! He intended for it to hurt. He wanted to make me think but ouch! ! ! When he finally let me up, my poor bottom was purple. Yep. I was bruised, just as he intended. The spanking did what he intended for it to do. It relaxed me for the rest of the day. I enjoyed going to the farmers market.

With that spanking, he realized that something changed. I got no pleasure from it anymore. NONE! ! ! What changed? The cherry paddle broke and had not been replaced. It was all sting and no thud. He used the oak and plexi glass to make a point. The cherry was reserved for the sessions he wanted me to enjoy and relax with. No relaxing with Thing 1 or Thing 2. The oak and plexi glass just plain hurt to much for anything other than punishment.

So…. Sunday he made the 6 new paddles. It started out to just be 4, each made from a different species of wood. Cherry, oak, walnut and balsa. The left over wood from 2 were just right for a thinner back up paddle and the total became 6. He gave each a test swing but didn’t do any more than that. (leather butt is not attractive)

Saturday, Sunday, Monday…. No sleep. The bad dreams just kept marching across my mind. One after the other like a train wreck, every time I closed my eyes. I was that bad. I walked around dazed with lack of sleep. Tuesday, he had enough. The kids were in bed. It wasn’t very late but we were both tired an turned in early.

He was on the computer and I wanted his attention. What is the easiest way to get a mans attention? I crawled into bed nude and curled up beside him. Yep. I got his attention all right.

“What you need is a good spanking. You haven’t slept in days and I know why.”


He reached across me and picked up the paddles. Since he still can’t use his arm to hold me still, he put his leg across my back and it started. I don’t know which paddle he used but it felt like he had one in each hand. He used my backside like a drum. Slowly the tension drained from my body, one swat at a time. I tried to twist away from the sting but his knee on my back held me firmly in place. My pleading did no good. He stopped when all the fight was gone and I submitted to him.

The last thing I remember of the night, is his hand resting on my lower back. He held me close as I fell into a deep sleep.


  1. Awesome!!! I totally believe it! It really can relieve stress. I was just telling someone else that need a stress relief spanking. It so works. Glad u got sleep.


  2. He knows what I need and he knows how to send me off into dream land. Love my man. Today I am under orders to rest and wear my arm splints. I think I better mind on this one. Getting spanked with my pain levels high would be a very bad thing.