Saturday, April 30, 2011

6 new paddles EEEKKK

6 new paddles, oak, cherry, walnut and balsa. that way he says he won't have to use THING 1 or THING 2. He even agreed to give the LJ a hair cut himself. Love my man but 6???

It just shows he was listening when I said, “Hey that hurts and not in a good way. NOT in a productive way. Now he gets to give each one a test on my already sore butt. Stress relief this morning with THING 2 left my buns a bit sore. Not unusual for a Saturday morning but ouch, THING 1 and 2 are brutal.

THING 1 is a two layer leather paddle
THING 2 is made from two 5galon paint sticks glued together, sanded and painted.

I will be very happy to see them retired to the back of the closet again. Maybe they will get permanently lost.

Hey, a girl can hope. Yes???

I’ll add feel to each paddle latter but here is an inventory of the new tools of ttwd

Walnut 3”x ½” packs a thuddy sting
Walnut 3”x ¼”  Yikes sting.  Hide under the bed
White oak 3x½  thuddy sting
Cherry 3x1/2   Yowch

Cherry 3x¼  I'm just going to move in with the the dust bunnies
Balsa or pine??? 3x ½  Not as bad as the others but that could just my backside was already on fire. 

Well those are the new ones. After he has tried each one on my sore bum side, I am sure I will have something to say. I'll add a comment by each paddle listed on the inventory.  So check back latter.



  1. Dang, he's serious isn't he? LOL Even I'm afraid. I gotta say, I hate our thin balsa wood paddle. The sting builds up quickly and feels like fire ants!

    Good luck!

  2. LOL yes he is. I think he likes the "new" me. He told me that he was going to make a new paddle. I didn't expect 6.