Sunday, April 17, 2011


THING makes me quiver in fear. It is made from two thick pieces of leather, glued together and supported with metal between the layers. It has been hiding in the closet for a year or more. Kept hidden. Out of sight. Out of mind. I have thought about it several time but hoped my Dragon did not. Shhhh. Don’t tell! ! !

The paddles disappeared. The only flogger to be found was the Loopy Johnny and he thought I needed a good stress relief. Something to do with my attitude bordering on disrespect but not quite going over the line.

He wanted to make this one count.

Oh boy did he ever.

THING fell on my bare backside and I wanted to run, hide, scream…. Anything other that stay there and submit to that awful THING. Tears never came. I don’t think I can cry with just a spanking. If tears were ever going to come, they would have been falling from the very first swat with that THING. Swat after swat in what felt like never ending misery.

Can we please do TTWD Burger King style? I want it my way.

What is my way? Get rid of that awful thing and never let that THING be used on anyone again. EEEKKK

My poor backside is still sore two days latter. No marks to show for my misery. Just the ache that reminds me to hold that sharp edged tongue of mine. To bite back my words before they fall on my undeserving family.

Shall I hide that THING? I didn’t hide the other paddles. I just don’t know where they are right now.

He has found his implement of punishment. The one that leaves an impression on my backside for days with very little effort on his part. Knowing what is waiting, hiding in the closet, will keep me on my toes for a few days. Until I forget how much that THING hurts.

ps.  now that prom is over maybe my stress levels will go way down.  I can hope.  Oh and the 26 yo looser is gone too.  I haven't even seen him around town.  Yippee


  1. Oh Missie - the 26yo - gone? YIPPEEEE That is AWESOME news!!!

    Proms can be very stressful, especially when you are making outfits for it.

    THING huh? That sounds like someTHING that needs to die a quick death. I suggest you be a very good girl or make a copy with feathers in the middle!!!

  2. A few things dropped off my list of stressors. It is during times like this that I have to stop and remember that God is carrying me. Those are his footprints in the sand. Not mine. I am going to take THING out of commission for a few days. It is made from vegetable tanned leather that has not been finished. I can make that process last several days. LOL.

  3. Dragon has graciously decided that Thing will be used ONLY for punishment from now on. A milder implement will be used for stress relief and minor attitude adjustments. That is a relief but now I have something else to dread from punishment. THING! ! !