Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter

A little baby was born in a barn. As a boy he loved to fish and work with his daddy. As a man he became a fisher of men. He was executed on the cross, clean of sin. He committed no crime. He paid the price for your sin. Because he died, you live. On the third day he rose again. The tomb was empty.

Easter is a time to celebrate the coming of Christ. To remember his sacrifice. The wonderful gift of eternal salvation. Right? Yes? So why do I find all of this so stressful? When I figure that one out, I’ll write a book and make millions of dollars.

I worry that the kids don’t fully understand what the story means. What they get in Sundays school is just a bunch of fluff. They have the ability to understand so much more. I worry that they will be disappointed with their Easter baskets. Why? I don’t know. I was always happy with a few filled plastic eggs, a hand full of candy and chocolate bunny. Noting fancy. I even used the same basket for most of my childhood. I want their clothes perfect. Dresses pressed, crease free, stain free. Tights clean with no snags, dress shirt neatly tucked in.

Nope never happens

As things fall apart one by one I fall apart.

We get to church. One of the most popular days of the year to attend. People are shoulder to shoulder. No room to move. Then the first wave of stench hits my nose. Perfume. My airways close, the room spins and I run out the door. My sour mood just turned into a frustrated tears bordering on rage.

I have decided that perfectionism is a disease. I have had this infection for most of my life. It was fed by parents that expected me to always be an underachiever. The less they encouraged me, the harder I worked to please them. The disease is systemic. It turns in to an acute attack of attitude every major holiday.

My dear sweet husband has discovered the cure for this often fatal disease. Him. I need his leadership, his patience, his authority. With those three things, I can step back and appreciate the joy of the day. I can see the smiles and feel the love radiating from my family.

With my stress level spiking to record levels, Dragon may need to extract THING from hiding place. My toes stay right on the line. Never straying very far into the realm of D land. Just enough to set his teeth on edge. Just enough to spread discontent in our home.

For this weekend, I think I’ll provide updates. If I don’t get my temper under control soon, THING will be in his hand. I will be very unhappy for a short little while, then our house will be at peace once more. And why do people read spanking blogs? To read about that unfortunate wife getting her backside blistered by an angry HOH. It is sure to happen this weekend. I can feel it in the pit of my stomach. Blah…. I shall find out soon if corner time is part of ttwd.

Sunday morning update.  So far my backside is safe.  He fussed at me one time for sleeping late but that was it.  Two of the kids got in a fight over something small.  The one at fault got talked to and put in the corner to calm down.  He feels much better now.  Time for bible study and the egg hunt before the rain starts.  A good day so far.

Almost bed time.  I had one major blow up today but only after everyone in my family had at least one argument. I didn’t fuss about chores not getting done or the new basket getting crushed. Everybody was blaming somebody else for all that went wrong. It is your fault my basket was crushed. It is your fault the dog ate my chocolate. It is your fault I can’t find my shirt. ENOUGH ALL READY! Yep. I had a melt down moment. Dragon got the hardest chewing. I didn’t get spanked and the house has been peaceful since.

I think this is the first time in history that all the eggs have been found. One fell down a pipe out of reach but we know where it is. Giggles. A history making Easter weekend. LOL


  1. No church for us this Easter. We are going to have a family sunrise service in the mountains. Shivers but beautiful. Long underwear, coats and boots will be worn by all. And a thermos of coffee. That is one thing off my plate. My Dragon decided it was a bad idea to risk my health on Easter. He is right.

  2. You know, you alternate Easter sounds way better to me than the original doll. Be happy. Be healthy. Be safe. Love God. Love you family. Love your friends. Love yourself.

    Happy Easter. I hope you don't get spanked.

    ~No worries

  3. I made it. Easter is over. I probably did deserve those swats but mercy was granted. He knows I don’t handle yelling very good at all and a lot of it had been going on all morning. He mentioned corner time Sunday afternoon. Yes, it is in my future. Should have kept my mouth shut.