Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Parents in the stands

I went to my daughters first ever hockey game this week. She played like a pro. Not very aggressive yet but that is being girl too. She will get there.

What bothered me? A mother sitting in the stands behind me. Every time her son was on the ice, she was screaming like a maniac. She sounded possessed. Like something off of “The Exorcist” Sounds bad, doesn’t it? It was worse. Every time she screamed, he jumped.

It obviously isn’t helping her son. His team has lost 2 games already. All it does is distract the kids and it makes it hard to hear the coaches. It isn’t like this is a huge stadium filled with screaming fans. These are young kids. Most of the parents don’t even stick around for the game. (that bugs me too) Does all that screaming make the kids feel loved? I don’t know. It sounds obnoxious to me. Out of the 50 people in the stands, she was the only one acting like that. Everybody cheered when their kids team scored a goal but nobody else was trying to coach from the stands.

If I acted out like that in public, I don’t think my husband would wait to get me home. He would find a bathroom and take care of my backside. I just hope the hand dryer would mask the sound of the smacks and my squeaks. Then I would get a MAJOR punishment at home. It won’t happen though because I refuse to go there.

Life has been busy. The carpet is leaving the house one room at a time. The walls are getting stripped of ugly wallpaper and painted. The kitchen remodel will be finished soon. Gardening. The broken washer and dryer have been replaced. All that with a full schedule of kids activities. No summer time off for us.

Board? Nope. Not me. I’m not sure where to start or what to do first but I’m not board, that is for sure.


  1. Sooo happy to hear you are doing well.

    I agree about the parents. For gosh sakes, let the kids just play!!!

  2. CG You said it. Just let the kids play. Let them have fun.

  3. How awful! Yes, my husband would fix me good if I did that.

  4. I sat by a lady like that two weeks ago at a lacrosse game. She stood on the sidelines and screamed out instructions and I'm sure what she thought was encouragement the entire game. We all had headaches after the game was over.

    My Husband wouldn't have to handle the situation, my sons would throw a fit if I ever embarrased them that way.

    I wonder what makes people think that sort of behavior is helpful?

    Glad your daughter played well!


  5. Sormy, It is good to know other husbands won't put up with that kind of behavior.

    Serenity, My kids would not have been very happy either. I am going to talk to the people over the hockey program before her next game. She needs to watch the game and let the kids play.

    Thank you for stopping by