Thursday, January 25, 2018

You Didn't!

I thought my buns were toasted.  Dragon is still on top!

I love working out.  It is hard to start back after I have been down for a while but it feels good to see even slow improvement.  It is hard to take things slow but everything hurts.  Even just walking. 

One day this week I thought it would be a good idea to make that new start.  The problem is that it was one of the busiest days of the week.  Rest in the morning so I can run kids all over town in the evening. 

All I said was that I thought about walking on the treadmill and Dragon came back with, "You did what?"

It took 5 minutes for him to take a long enough pause is his lecture to figure out I didn't actually do it. 

Exercising without permission is now on the short list of things Dragon has chosen as spanking offences.  Cussing and seatbelt use are on that very short list.  So is eating regular meals. 

Over doing it on a workout is also on his short life. 

I wonder how long the list will have to be before he stops calling it a "short list"?

A few light taps with the paddle just to make sure I was taking him seriously. "No, I'm not punishing you this time but I think you aren't taking your health seriously.  However I know you WILL take the paddle seriously." 

 I think I will definitely be asking for permission before I get on the treadmill.  I will be very careful about lifting weights and taking things slow. 

I love sexy spankings.  I don't even mind the occasional attitude adjustment swats.  But I REALLY don't want a punishment. Ouch.  I'll pass

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