Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Spanking Effect

I'm in my 40s.  I forget just where but the change has been giving me grief.  One effect is ZERO sex drive.  Nothing turns me on. 

Except one thing. 


Dragon brought me to tears with a mild spanking.  It has been so long since we have had regular visits to the garage that things are a bit sensitive.  Most of the swats had a good sting to them. 

I called RED. 

I NEVER call red but I did that night.  Just when things should have started feeling good.

It turned me on.

Nothing else has worked.  Petting, toys, pillow talk.  I was interested but not with the heat I felt in the past. 

After just two trips to the garage I can't get enough.

The spankings weren't the gentle giggly kind.  They weren't the hot sexy kind.  Nor were they punishments.  Simply down to earth, let's get this done and go warm up in the house.  The second session even found a few bruises I didn't know about.  Right cheek and right sit spot.  He tends to favor one side. 

We have been talking about things we haven't tried.  Edge play we haven't been brave enough for.  Even things we have done in the past but forgot about. 

Tomorrow morning we will be back in the garage.  A cold front is pushing in.  Even though my bottom feels sunburned, it won't leave a lasting impression.  One more session before it gets miserable cold again. 

Good night.  Dragon is making this difficult. 


  1. Menopause or peri-menopause could be the cause - just sayin'

    1. That was my thought. Everything is changing.