Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Dragon doesn't usually start with a number in mind.  Even the kind of warm up I get depends on my reactions.  There is no warm up for a punishment but even then he doesn't start out full force. 

He gives me a number when things start to get serious. I need to see the end in sight to take the hard swats.  The ones that bring tears to my eyes. Up to 5 at a time.  He can go softer for a few swats them give 5 more hard swats but I panic if he tries to give them all at once.  Giving me a number doesn't signal the end of the spanking. 

The short reprieve lets him judge how I'm doing.  Dragon always starts out with a goal.  Tears, lasting marks, stress relief, sub space or reconnection.  Yes, a paddle on my backside can do all of those things and much more.  My backside is a reset button that gives Dragon the power to manipulate my head. 

Strange I know

We have a wood stove out in the garage now but it couldn't keep up with this last cold front.  Not even with extra space heaters.  That's okay.  With highs in the mid 50s we can get back out there.  Silent spankings are miserable. 

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