Saturday, January 13, 2018

Staying in Place

I forget between spankings how hard it is to stay in place.  Dragon usually starts out with a few light swats. They sting but not bad.  Those are easy.  If only it could stay like that.

When the swats get harder I struggle.  It doesn't matter what kind of spanking it is.  Punishment, stress relief or pleasure.  Numbered or not.  The harder swats make me wiggle. Several hard swats in the same spot and I call yellow.  If it is bad enough I have been known to call red even for a punishment.

Yes.  I know it is supposed to hurt.  Sometimes I just need a chance to catch my breath.  Calling red stops everything immediately but doesn't end the spanking.  Especially if it is a punishment.

Dragon doesn't usually let me up.  He rubs my back and talks to me.  Tries to find out what is wrong.  He takes the opportunity to explain his actions and asks me to submit.  When he is sure I'm okay he continues.

Yes, I like to be spanked.
Yes, I need to be TiH
Yes, I love what it does to my head
Yes, I love what it does for my marriage

But it sure is hard to stay still.  To submit fully to hard swats.  .

I hope the weather warms up soon.  It is cold in the garage even with the fire going.  We don't want to spend an hour out there playing.  Winter sessions are hard and fast.  I think swats hurt more on a cold backside.

Ps.  With a spanking nearly every day this week my backside is bruised.  Lightly but the marks are there.  Today he took aim at the back of my thighs.  Ouch.  That was a new experience.  Sit spot and below. 


  1. A cold backside, makes a spanking hurt a LOT more, in my experience. I like that red does not end a spanking, but is used to calm you....hugs abby

    1. Thanks Abby, If he stopped every spanking when I use a safe word, it wouldn't be much of a deterrent. Red gives him the opportunity to check in and find out what is wrong. He usually starts back just as hard but after a break and an explanation I'm ready to submit.