Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Re-Set Button

Remove your clothes.

Do you know I love you?

I do this because you need to cry.

You have needed this for a long time.

What are your safe words?

And the worst spanking Dragon has ever given me began.  I don't know how many swats he gave me but there was no warm up. The only warning I had that this one was going to be different was his pre-spanking speech.

First the paddle.  Left, right and again right on the sit spot.

5 Don't move.  These are really going to hurt but you can do it.   You need this.

Yes I did need it but that didn't make it any easier to take.

His hand eased the sting before more swats fell.  It felt like my backside was on fire.  Like I couldn't take another swat but he didn't stop.

3 You can do this.

The paddle cracked across the sit spot.  He has never given me more than a few mild swats there.  WOW it is sensitive!  Understatement of the year.

More swats with the paddle.  Not soft but not as hard.  Then I heard his belt being pulled free from the belt loops.  A distinctive sound.  The first swat fell softer than the paddle but that didn't last for more than 10 strokes.  Then he really got down to business.

Things I learned
*The paddle was the warm-up.
*I can take a harder spanking than I ever imagined
*Dragon is capable of delivering justice
*The belt also makes contact with other bits.
     Startling but not necessarily painful
*I'm absolutely sure I don't want to earn a punishment if that was just a 're-Set.

My bottom is very sore.  I have no desire to put on panties or jeans.  And he was right.  That was just what I needed.


  1. I can imagine your bottom is sore. I'm cringing thnking about it.

  2. Wow! But you do seem calm in this post. The paddle as a warm-up..... ouch! It worked for you guys! :)

    1. It was what I needed. If he started with a soft warm-up the endorphins would have hit to soon. I am usually very stoic during any kind of spanking. This was no different. I held on to the bench to keep hands out of the way and even before he started with the belt, I could feel tears stinging my eyes. They never fell but that wasn't the point. I am still in a submissive state of mind and calm.

  3. Hi! Can I yell Ouch! Double ouch! But it sounds like you feel very content afterwards and you're getting back where you both want to be and that is wonderful!


    1. Sometimes life just happens so fast the little things get forgotten. We are slowly getting back on track. Thanks