Friday, June 30, 2017

The Day After

My backside is sore and still has a few marks.  Not as many as I expected but I am still feeling it!  Yesterday was a new beginning for us.  The first of many weekly reminders of what is really important.  I get caught up in family drama no matter how hard I try to stay out of it.  The stress builds and I fall apart.

This was a bad one.  Most of the time these sessions will be more erotic than pain.  This one had to be hard.  It wasn't a punishment but the stress has been building for a long time.  I needed for him to be the strong one and not stop until he felt my surrender. I couldn't ask for it.  Who in their right mind would?  But I did give my consent.  One word would have stopped everything instantly.

I'm not sure if he will stick with once a week or add more days in.  This is part of being Taken in Hand.  Surrendering the control.  Handing it over to him.  It takes absolute trust.  For now Thursday is the official day of our re-set.  He may even make it random to keep me guessing.

I just finished a little workout and I need to jump in the shower before Dragon gets home.  For some reason the impressa is a little uncomfortable today.  I think it will take my body a few days to readjust since I went a full week without it.  A warm shower and I'll be back on my feet.

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