Friday, June 23, 2017

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

We had a few false starts and some missteps but we are finally back.  We are beginning to play again and bringing domestic discipline back into the mix.    Baby steps.  You would think that we are a new couple just beginning to explore.

The floggers came out first.  A rain of leather across my back.  Very gentle the first few times.  Now the paddles are coming back.  Even the hated plexiglass. I took about 10 stiff swats last night.  Several of them to the most sensitive sweet spot. I know.  It wasn't very many but I managed to stay in place without restraints!  Progress

Dragon says that punishment will come back when he is sure I am ready.  None of the rules have changed but I still want to review them before my backside pays the price for a memory lapse.  He has added more possibilities too.  Corner time, kneeling, clothing restrictions and a few more than aren't coming to mind right now. He says that the punishment should fit the crime.  Now that has me worried but not to much.  Dragon is never abusive and watches me very close during any type of punishment to make sure I am handling it okay.

For now discipline is a hard look, firm words and a hand on my backside.  He wants me to remember that my actions have consequences.  One day soon he is going to decide it is time to reintroduce punishment spanking.  Honestly, I'm not looking forward to it but I know it's time.  If he decides to punish me tonight I'll bend over the bench and take what I deserve.  It has been a long time in coming.

 I'm tempted to confess my poor eating habits and ask for one just to get that first session over with.  It has been over 4 years since I had a good punishment.  A few minor sessions, yes but the last paddling that left me in a puddle was that long ago!  Next time he asks if I need a punishment, the answer will be yes.  I think we both need it.

More latter.  I need to get to work.  I am behind on everything!

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