Wednesday, June 28, 2017


What does it look like at house?

He whispers in my ear.  "You just broke _________ rule. You know what that means."  I usually reply with a no please or ask for another chance.  If I have a very good reason he may change his mind.

At the first opportunity he administers the punishment.

D:  Do you know why you are being punished?
r:  Yes sir
D:  Do you know I love you and would never do anything to hurt you?
r: Yes sir.

I hate hate hate the punishment.  If Dragon sees terror in my eyes everything stops.  Anger or if I look resigned to my fate the punishment happens.  I still have safe words but RED won't get me out of a punishment.  It will just delay things while he figures out what is wrong.

Then he has me remove or drop my pants and panties and puts me in the position of his choice.  Laying down, standing with my hands in a chair or across his lap.  When I'm in position he tells me how bad it is going to be.   30  swats or more.  And he shows me what he is using.  His hand, one of our paddles or a strap.

Sometimes he lectures as he strikes my behind.  Sometimes he gets it overwith in silence.  It depends on his mood.  When he is finished he pulls me into his arms and if the waterworks didn't start with the lecture, they make up for lost time.  His gentleness after the spanking is over does me in.

Last comes what could be called corner time but he doesn't usually put me in a corner.  He sits me down on my burning behind in silence. He leaves my sight but stays close.  Punishments are intense for both of us and this gives me time to cope with the flood of emotions.  Resentment, anger, guilt or shame.  I cry even harder and eventually calm down.

Then and only then is the punishment over and we end up making love.  Tender, loving and absolutely amazing.

He sometimes asks me why I want a domestic discipline relationship.  Every time I tell him it is the love make afterwards.  And that is what I miss most.   That is why we keep coming back to it time after time.

I love my Dragon so very much and trust him absolutely.


  1. Replies
    1. It is a tenderness and gentleness that I can't describe. And it only happens after a punishment

  2. You both are so keyed into each other:)

    1. Thank you. We work to stay connected.