Monday, June 20, 2016

Uneven Sting

We were about to leave. Another family gathering full of stress and all the issues that come with extended family. Dragon took me out to the garage.  The room was hot but the little window air conditioner helped.

Dragon gestured to the bench we use for spanking.  It is the perfect height to support my hips.  My head drops down on the other side and I have a convenient hand hold.  Since I still had on my dress from church, Dragon simply lifted the hem and folded the fabric neatly across my back.  I felt the smooth silk of my panties slide down to my knees.

We couldn't take long.  It was time to leave but I was a mess.  Dragon was determined to take care of my backside before I got into real trouble.

He began with soft warm up swats.  Probably around 20 if I had to guess. Then he asked for a number. How many hard swats?  He expects me to ask for 2-8.  That is the usual range.  Without much thought I picked 4. An even number.  Two for each sit spot. A good burn without being uncomfortable for the two hour drive.

Left, right.  Two swats. My eyes burned with tears that fast and my backside was on fire.  A swat across both cheeks and the last one went to the left.

My backside was on fire but I hate an uneven burn.

Yes, I asked for a fifth swat.  But as always, Dragon did what he wanted.  He landed two rapid fire swats.  He put my panties back in place and pulled my dress down, straightening the hem before he helped me stand.

I made the two hour drive with an uneven spanking.

He just doesn't understand....
(I am probably a little ocd about these things.  Sigh)


  1. Gosh I hate being uneven when swayed! Ugh when that happens I know my guy is really a bit irritated with me. If I tell him I hate being uneven he says, 'yea I know!' :/
    Hope things went okay?

    1. Okay would be optimistic but we survived. Thanks

  2. I can't count that high or that fast in those situation to know if he is even or not! LOL. Guess the upside is he noticed and did exactly what HE wanted, which is the point.

    Surviving is also good ;)

    1. With a fun spanking, they come to fast, it lasts much longer and I really don't want to know how many swats he just gave me. 200+? This was kind of a warning, stress relief and maintenance all wrapped up into one fast spanking. It may have only been 6 stiff swats but he made sure that I felt them for hours. And yes. He did just what he wanted. He had to make sure I remembered who is the HOH and who is the TiH

  3. Master likes even numbers so I don't have to worry about part of this...He did it His way..and it helped.
    hugs abby

  4. BIKSS usually likes even swats but sometimes we end up with uneven swats too. And yes like you i HAVE to ask him to even it out on the other side. not that he has a problem with that. and i *am* ocd about numbers and symmetry. This i know.