Friday, June 24, 2016


We have officially been here for 4 years and I STILL have BOXES that haven't been sorted.  AND my daughter is here.  That means baby clothes.  Lots of baby clothes.  Things I have saved from all four of them.

Can I say that I am overwhelmed?

I have been avoiding this task with great success.

I thought that my skillful procrastination had gone unnoticed.

I was wrong.

This morning I got a warning and the look.

Complete Alpha male.  Totally HOH.

Do you ever wonder why I get so few punishments?  First I go to great lengths to avoid them.  When Dragon goes all HOH on me, I sit up and listen. Second Dragon likes the fun kind of spanking much better. I admit that I do too.

5 boxes sorted and about 5 more to go. And the baby clothes....

This will never end but I may just get a good girl spanking out of it!  I know Dragon wants to play with the new violet wand too.  Fun!


  1. oh i'm a big fan of procrastination too. luckily for me BIKSS is an even bigger collector of stuff than i am so he has nothing to say about my "stick it in the corner" stuff. I don't have that much tho, come to think of it, cos i don't have a lot of space in the house, so i clear things out quite often.

    1. We have moved into progressively smaller homes for three moves. We just don't have enough room for all of us. And all the stuff just gets overwhelming. It isn't junk. Clothes, school books, laptops,phones. I need a bigger house.

    2. i must say, i don't need a bigger house. i just WANT one! LOL

  2. Hey�� a relationship that sounds like ours. Awesome. Fun spankings are a blast. I bet Dragon and Zeke can relate. I am good at procrastination too. Cheers for the good girl spanking.

    1. Those boxes are about to get me spanked again. I better get busy. Thankfully, everything should be settling down next week.