Monday, June 13, 2016


We had cloud rotation right above our home and flooding.  Hail was hitting the windows making a racket.

Nope.  No spanking last night of any kids.  This morning Dragon noticed a bruise on my bottom.  Right on my sit spot from my last spanking.  Unless it is a punishment that needs to happen immediately he doesn't like to spank over bruising.  Even without the weather interruption I probably wouldn't have been spanked anyway.  Dragon takes care of me.

That said, this punishment is simply delayed.  When I talked to him

I did manage to make real progress with obedience though.  Dragon is slowly taking away all privacy from me.  It is hard but I understand the need.  Every day obedient makes it easier when it is something important. It helps that I have safe words.


  1. Those rotation clouds can be scary - glad they moved on.

    1. We were huddled in the hall until it moved on. Not fun. Last time my daughter visited, we ran from what the weather service called a catastrophic tornado. We have all the luck. I am afraid to see how bad the garage is today. And I heard the lightning strike very close to the house. I need to put on my boots and figure out what it hit.

  2. I guess I will stop complaining about out weather....He does take very good care of you...I love the two sides of Master...the caring and the sadist...
    hugs abby