Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Cold weather is back.  Our little Indian summer is over.  Can you believe it was 80* one day last week and freezing cold this week?  Okay.  40 isn't freezing but after last week, it sure feels like it.

Dragon worked on my car for a little while Sunday.  The cold front hit Saturday afternoon.  It was a bit nippy but not bad inside the garage.  I didn't want to drop my jeans.  Shivers! But that didn't save my backside.

My first spanking of the year was short, fast and stingy.  By the time he was done, my bottom was burning good.  I wanted long with a slow build-up but we were both ready for the heated house.

It wasn't a punishment. It wasn't long enough to be a tune up.  Since his hands were covered in grease from working on the car, there was no petting. Not what I would call an erotic spanking either.

I'll tell you what it was.  Sexy as all get out.  Sometimes fast and hard hits the spot better than anything else.  Sure surprised me. We made love after dinner.

I love how ttwd brings us back together.  Even talking about it, writing about it sends tingles to my lady parts.

I have chores to get done and an Elizabethan corset to make.  I have to work before I can play in the sewing room.  I am reading Sunny's book "Star Crossed Cowboy".  So far I am impressed. She has really grown as a writer. I'll review the book when I have finished reading it.


  1. Hey Rose...Happy you and Dragon got a bit of a reconnection spanking...sending lots of positive thoughts that your weather warms up enough so you can really play soon. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  2. The cold front has moved back in here too