Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bed Time

Last night we got home at almost midnight.  The first thing Dragon noticed was an empty dog crate.  The crate belongs to a rescue pup that refuses to house train.

Ut oh is right.

The search was on.  Where did he puddles? Just when I thought he was a good boy I discovered that he was VERY bad.

I sat down on my bed.

Yes, I did.

I found it.

He left a lake on my bed and I sat in it. Ice cold, stinking mess right on my @$$.


What a mess.

We cleaned up the flood of urine the best we could.  Baking soda rocks! And discovered that we didn't have another queen sheet. That was a twin and nothing we did was going to make it fit.

We rotated the mistress to put the mess at Dragon's feet, put a stack of bath towels over it and used a twin flat sheet for the night.



Now I have a new mattress, bedding and pillows. I am going to be sleeping in a strange bed tonight.

The old mattress was a the cheapest you can buy and after 3 years of use, it was dead anyway.  My once beautiful white quilt was stained and the pillows were flat.

It was past time for new.

I am so excited.

Sheets are out of the dryer and the new quit is in the dryer and the fuzzy blanket is in the wash.

Everything has to be washed before use.  The hazards of living with asthma.

I wish I could say that we are going to give the springs a workout but after getting no sleep last night and mattress shopping today, we are exhausted.

Sleep is the only thing we have in mind for tonight.
I am looking forward to some good sleep. Love making will come when we are both rested.

Happy birthday Dragon!  He is now 42!

A new bed was an unexpected gift but we had to have it.  That dog made sure our pitiful excuse of a bed was ruined.


  1. Happy Birthday Dragon. Hope you enjoy your new bed and be sure to close the door tight to puppy doesn't escape again.

    1. No worries. He is crated! That was a nasty surprise. The bed is so warm and comfortable than I don't want to get up.

  2. Happy birthday Dragon! So happy you two have a new comfy bed to get a good night's sleep. And after you are well rested, you will be able to enjoy lots of 'dancing' in it. Hope the pup doesn't escape again.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. The bed was so comfy that we were late for church. Oops. I love the bedding Dragon picked out. It is very feminine.