Tuesday, February 10, 2015

50 Shades of ????

What will you be doing this Valentine's day?  Will you be watching the much awaited 50 Shades movie?  I think people love to hate it.  Conservative Christians of all flavors say it damages marriages.  They equate it to pornography.  The kink community says that it damages their reputation because Mr. Grey is damaged goods. Others call it domestic violence.  Almost everyone that reads complains that the book is poorly written.

Did I miss anything?

One thing that we cannot deny is that women are taking.  Women who wouldn't even think about kink are taking about it.  I love it.  Spanking, bondage, safe words.  The difference between a D/s relationship and domestic violence.  They are taking to each other and their husbands.  They are getting brave and trying new things.

How can this be negative?

I am going to call this one a miss in the theater. However, when it is released on video all bets are off.  How far will we get before we are off to have our own spanking fun?  Can't do that in a theater.  Giggles

We will spend Valentine's day at home.  A candle light dinner with the kidlets. Then a family appropriate Netflix movie.  I don't find crowded restaurants and theaters romantic.  I rather wait for a pretty day and have a picnic in the country.  I rather go to a matinee when the theater is empty.  So many things I rather do than fight crazy crowds.

What will you be doing on the ever so romantic day?  Do you have fun plans?

What ever you do, have a little fun.  Come back and let me know what you did!  I would love to hear from you!


  1. I am coming out of the wood work to let you know I love your blog. I love your honesty and the reality of life that you talk about. What I enjoy most about your blog is you don't force ttwd to be something that it isn't within your marriage. What you have seems to occur naturally to meet the needs of you and your husband. I don't live the lifestyle but if I ever do I want it to be natural and what each of us is comfortable with. I am a Christian and I am frustrated with the "conservatives" view of it is. They never read the book and if they did won't admit to it. I also believe that what a husband and wife do behind close doors is none of their business. They were not the designers of marriage nor were they the creators of sex so who are they to say how it "should be".

    1. Thank you! I love to hear from lurkers. Ttwd is what it is. When you really live it and not just fantasize about what it could be, it is completely different. Life happens. Kids interrupt. Our past experiences color what we do and how dd works in our relationships. There is no "this is how it should be" TTWD, BDSM and any other form of consensual kink is permitted in the marriage bed. I think women do need to talk openly and without judgment about these things. It is how we learn new things and how to do the things we do safely.

      I hope you stop by again and let me know when you think about the movie. Thank you again for your kind words.

  2. Ray and I are going to PS to spend with kids and grandkids. Imagine how they all came to be. lol
    Next Wed I'm going to seeFSOG with five other friends. I'll report back.
    HVDay to you.

    1. Have fun! I look forward to your report. 😆

  3. Hey Rose...your Valentine's celebration sounds lovely. I'm with you regarding crowds...once in a while is okay but...not very often.

    50 Shades...you didn't miss anything and it is good that women are talking...just really wish the book were more realistic. Hope the movie is better than the book. Caught a brief blurb on tv the other night with Dakota Johnson who said she did not want her parents to see the movie then cut to an interview with her mom who said she would definitely be seeing it. Not sure I would want to see it if that were my daughter. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. I think Dakota is doomed. With her parents, you know they will watch the movie. Probably have a special private showing. I think I would want to see it if she was my daughter. You couldn't keep me away.