Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Imagination

A few weeks ago Dragon slid my panties down, bent me over the bed and inserted a fig of ginger.  He re dressed me and told me to go get a shower.  That was one very uncomfortable shower.

Ginger is a fibrous root.  He peels off the tuff outer skin, carves the tip into an easy to insert point and a ring to hold it in place about an inch from the other end.  Since lubricant keeps the root from doing what it does, water is the only assistance I get. Let's just say that it is very uncomfortable going in.  And the burn?  It feels like my ass is on fire.

That little scene was enough to get my imagination going.  What if he inserted a fig....

* just before we had to start dinner?

*out in the garage while we are working on the car?

*while we are fishing at the pond?

*in the car just before we go shopping?

I am all hot and bothered just making my lust.  Ummm...   list!

I told Dragon during some after sex pillow talk.  He got that look on his face that makes me nervous.


What have I done?

I think that I have a burning add and a red face in my future.

PS.  I emailed the breeder and let her know that I can't take the puppy.  I am sad but I know God has a plan


  1. LOL Rose...what have you done? You've given your Dragon some ideas of things that turn you on. ;) Happy to hear you and Dragon are having a good time together.

    So sorry about the puppy but am praying that you will have the money needed when you find the pup that is right for you.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  2. Umm... what Cat said! And...yikes! Right before starting dinner puts a whole new twist on cooking with ginger.

    I've never had ginger south of my wrists that hasn't been ingested, but I did manage to brush the corner of my eye with a finger that still had some ginger (oil? juice?) hiding on it after grating some, even after a good hand washing. It's not that THAT experience *scared* me off of figging, but...okay, maybe it did. Not scared, exactly, though - more like total mind block. Hey! It sounds as though I'm in denial. Yep, that's about right. Lol! ;-)

    Happy fishing!