Tuesday, June 3, 2014

All Things Anal

Anal can be play or punishment. We have talked about punishment but decided that it would be a bad idea.  Anal play pushes me hard enough without adding the emotions that come with discipline. For us it is all play.

I don't like the way it feels but I crave the head space it give me.  It always puts me deeply into subspace.  Every time.  Even just the simplest, least intense method.  A single finger inserted during forplay.  One finger never causes any pain or stretching sensations but it sure does cause some strange sensations.  Even just that one finger blows my mind.  Add two or every three fingers and I am flying.

Toys would be the next level.  I have used latex plugs but was less than impressed.  I think they dry out to fast for my comfort, if anything anal can be called comfortable.  With beads, I didn't like the string.  Owie.  My favorite so far has been a glass dildo.  Used with or without lube, it feels the best.  I won't say comfortable but it doesn't cause pain or soreness if it is left in place for a while.  I want to try the metal plug called the NJoy.  It has so much more potential than the glass.

Then comes anal sex.  That really blows my mind.  Unless we really take the time to prepare, it is going to sting.  Dragon has to use 3 or even 4 fingers to prevent it but I still get the sting from the stretch.  With lube or without.  It doesn't seem to matter.  For us, this is not the tender side of love making.  It is hard fast and brutal.  I like it that way.

I saved ginger for last because it really blows my mind. More than anything else.  Anal penetration, pain, burning and the aphrodisiac quality of the ginger.  Just wow.  He usually prepares me with his fingers.  It helps me relax a little. No lube. It blocks the effects of the ginger.  The burning lasts for 20-45 minutes and Dragon puts the time to good use.  I usually end up a quivering mess.

No, I don't like the sensation of anything anal.  What I like is the deep submission I feel as soon as Dragon touches my bottomside.  The only thing that even comes close is a punishment but the headspace is different.  Somehow it is connected to little play.  Not sure how but it is.

Dragon has requested that I wear a dress this evening with my garter belt and stockings. I know he has my backside on his mind when he makes that request.  I probably have a paddling in my future and some ruff sex too.

Dang.  He can't get home fast enough.  I am hungry for him already.  Today I'll take extra time with my grooming to make sure my skin is baby smooth for him.

This is going to be a LONG day.  Sigh....

(I hope he stops by the store for some fresh ginger. I think I'll set him a text and request it.)


  1. Mhm well if you read my last post, you know I like anal, lol, bad we don't do it that often, simply because it does take a lot of commitment I think. To take the time...
    Nice post!

  2. Hope you and Dragon have a lovely evening Rose and you get what you want. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  3. I don't think I could ever handle ginger being used on me. I'm allergic to some of the lubes let alone trying that lol. You're a brave woman.