Sunday, June 15, 2014

Honoring a Memory

This weekend is Fathers day.  It would also have been my fathers birthday.  He would have been 63.

One way I celebrated his memory was learning how to ride a motorcycle.  I can't ride without rembering him.

Today I did something big.  I bought a classic car.  The same model he drove when I was a teenager.  I loved that car and it has been my dream car ever since.

I saved money like a squirrel collecting nuts.  Adding when I could and dipping into it for emergencies. (Yes, hockey gear was an emergency. Safety first)

We looked at one car but I wasn't thrilled. The price was low but it needed LOTS of work.  I absolutely fell in love with the second car.  It was perfect but out of our price range.

We took it for a test drive and fell in love.  But we didn't have the money.  We couldn't come up with it but we made an offer anyway. He countered.

It was almost exactly the amount I had left in my stash.  Just a few dollars left.

We don't celebrate fathers day any more than we do mothers day.  This weekend we honored the memory of my dad.  I will feel the warmth and comfort of  his arms every time I dive my little dream car.

A bonus? We finally have a car small enough to fit in the parallel parking spot at the DMV.  NY daughter will finally be able to take her driving test.


  1. Glad I don't have to pass a parallel parking test - they'd revoke my license. Hell, I can't even back up straight after fifty+ years of driving.

  2. Lol. I still can't parallel park. That is one reason we went ahead and got my little car. It is one of the smallest cars on the road. It looks like a toy parked next to the truck.

  3. Congratulations on your new car Rose...may it bring you many happy memories. Every time I parallel park reminds me of my dad who taught me how to do it...also taught me how to back up using my mirrors rather than turning around.

    Happy Fathers day to Dragon!

    Hugs and Blessings...

  4. Nice post and tribute to your dad. The feeling in it comes through.