Sunday, June 22, 2014

Car Talk

Car talk turns into technical repair talk turns into power words.

You know. Those words used for stubborn bolts, after market parts that don't quite fit and mysterious electrical problems.  Oh....and broken tools that causes bruised knuckles.

Fun stuff


A certain power word is not lady like and is forbidden.


 I used it this morning.

Sunday morning at the breakfast table.

 Ut oh...

Dragon had that crooked smile on his face that makes my shoulders drop.

I have been pushing for dd to come back. .Told him that I missed the dynamic. The after effects of a punishment.

Holy guacamole Batman.

Dragon had to leave for work.  There wasn't enough time for more than a hug.  Somehow I have this funny feeling that my backside is going to be sore this afternoon.


No more power words for me.


  1. Just think how good you will feel afterwards Rose. ;) Sure wish you were here to look at my car...she laid down on me last night...had to have her towed and am waiting for mechanics to get in tomorrow to look at her. :(

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Lol. I know just enough to know when to call Dragon or one of my gear head friends. I am good at asking lots of questions. Learning more every day.

  2. lol hope you was sore just enough to satisfy you my friend.