Thursday, August 8, 2013


What is there to update? 1. Out of condoms so no sex. 2. Supper stressed so no spanking or fun scenes. 3. Got the truck back but it is still broke. So it goes back in the shop. Can I scream please? Just a bit frustrated today. Sorry for the rant. To top it all off I am itchy. Something ate me up today. Neck to knees.


  1. I did get good news. The reason I am so itchy is a small, half starved dog that made its way to my back door. Covered in ants and fleas, eyes gummed shut and not strong enough to lift her head. I couldn't affordto ttake her to the vet but I found a rescue that would give her a chance. She survived the night and is eating good today. She is a little fighter.

  2. Oh dear... you're sweet to take care of the dog. And I sure hope you get some condoms soon. :)