Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fantasy Lover

It isn't as good as the first book I read by the author. The plot isn't as well planned and the story line is weak. Over all it is a good story but doesn't hold my attention as long as the first book I read by her. Hmmmm. It has a super hot hero and a woman determined to save him. It is worth a read but a bit of a let down. ♥♥♥♥The word of the day comes from the book. loins Now that is a hot word but can you imagine using it in every day life? Hmmm. I think I will pass on the strange looks. But seeing it in print did get a giggle out of me.


  1. Yes, pork loin, loin lamb chops are a couple of my favs. Haven't heart fruit of my(his) loins since Jackie Gleason in Smokey & The Bandit though.


    1. True. I honestly don't think much about food. I eat to live and avoid the paddle. Those uses of the word didn't occur to me. LOL

      Guess I just have a dirty mind

  2. I will have to check them out thanks