Saturday, August 17, 2013

A little less stress

Dragon's disability claim is back. 90% I said that we wouldn't contest anything over 60% but they completely denied his ptsd claim. We have to have that on record. It is something Dragon struggles with every day. Another issue with the truck has been resolved. Now the 4 wheel drive won't engage. It isn't as big of a deal down south as it was when we lived in Idaho. But it needs to be fixed before the dirt roads get muddy. More good news. The back pay from the VA should be enough to fix my teeth and give us a good start on the lasics surgery. Things may be looking up. Dragon has promised a scene after we get kids to bed. Giggles. Just what I need!!!! Time to get get those kids to bed NOW. I don't care that this is the one day I let them stay up late.


  1. Hey happy that things are looking up for you! Hope you enjoyed your scene!!!!

    Will continue to send lots of prayers and positive energy for all of you!