Friday, January 20, 2012

Why Worry?


I forgot to make the bed today.  Nothing got done in the sewing room.....  Oh NO!

As Dragon walked in the door my heart jumped to my throat.

Not one but two rules broken....

He found me sitting on the bed, studying, where i had been most of the day.  You see, Dragon set a deadline for this test.  He said that I will take this test on this day ready or not.  EEEKKKK.  I hate taking a test I'm not ready for and failing is just not something I do.

My morning was spent doing school work with the kids.  Reading, math, history and science.  Fun stuff.  The charger was lost to one of the lap tops.  It is vital for school work.  She was busy cleaning the house looking for her lost cord.  After lunch, I got out a note book and started studying my own material.  My son went over one chapter but the material was way over his head.  He loves science but has to move much slower with the material than I am.

I sat down to figure out all the formulas.  It looked hard and confusing until I realized it was really only two formulas applied with a different unknown.  I passed the pretest for that section and moved on to the next.  Just as I wrote the last word in my notebook before the next pre test, Dragon walked in the door.  OH NO!  Where did the time go?  I couldn't believe how long I had spent.

Ok, honestly now.  Part of that time was spent chatting with my brother.  We have reconnected.  Finally.  His ex wife didn't like me at all.  Hated the very ground I walked on.  I think she hated me so much because we were so close.  We were more than just brother and sister.  We were friends.  There for each other.  Always.  Now he has a new girl.  A tentative wedding date and he is so happy.  AND talking to me again.  My happy go lucky, clown of a brother is back!

When Dragon walked in the door, I didn't look at what i had done.  I looked at what was left undone.  The bed.  The sewing.  I have huge to do list in my sewing room.  An outfit for me, a corset and wedding dress for the bride to be.  The entire wedding party....  EEEKKK  I haven't met these people.  I'll be going by the measurements they send me.  Hate sewing like that. Oh well.  It makes my little brother happy.  It makes me happy.

Dragon looked at what had been done.  My score on the overall pre test came up from the low 80s to the mid 90s.  And I was talking to my brother.  Both good things.  Dragon never even noticed the things I hadn't gotten done.  He noticed my progress with studying and the chat box on my computer.  He noticed happy kids, not worried scared kids. (they get worried when they piddle around and don't get school work done)

TTWD is harder for us in winter.  The garage is too cold to use.  His chair is covered with a dust cloth waiting for warmer weather.  Dragon is Head of our House.  He is in charge, to be obeyed and respected.  That is enough for now.  He decided when I get spanked and when I don't.  He is fair and just.  What more can I ask?  Even though I desperately need a good "fun" spanking, it will have to wait until we have some privacy.  Studying that boring material was my act of submission for the day.


  1. I think you had an extremely productive day by the sounds of it and did really well. Ok so you broke a rule or two, but it wasn't intentional and you more than made up for it by what you achieved :) I definitely think that more than calls for a good girl spanking :)
    Have a good weekend DR.

    Dee x

  2. It sounds like you were doing all the right things that day and he knew it!

  3. It sounds like a balanced kind of day. The things that needed to be done were. A happy family is a precious thing, and you accomplished that.

  4. I agree with Susie,
    It sounds like you already had quite a lot to get into your day!
    Glad he knows what is important. Sounds like you have a wonderful man.

  5. Yesterday was good. Today? Not so good. We had 5 minutes of sunshine so I sent the kids out to play. They are back on school work now.

    Me? I am nauseated. Hoping this is simply test anxiety. I have too much to do to be sick. What will happen if I don't pass this test? Nothing. I'll re test in a few weeks. Don't know why I am so worried.

    Ladies, you are right. Yesterday went great. Dragon doesn't micromanage my day. He wants to see the house running smooth and me busy. Goal accomplished!

  6. This is the great thing about our HOH's being loving husbands, concerned about our well being and not just Taskmasters focused on whether or not we got every little or big thing accomplished that we were supposed to have gotten done. I'm often harder on myself in that regard than Michael is actually. ;)

  7. Sometimes I think we judge ourselves much harsher then our men might, and isn't it easier to leave it up to them? I'm glad he was so supportive of your efforts! Sara

  8. My efforts payed off! I passed the test! 70 was the min passing score and I made a 95 I think. They didn't let me see my score but Dragon over heard the talking! ! !

    I am always harder on myself than Dragon is. I am very happy he isn't a micro manager.