Friday, January 6, 2012


Wow!  That time again?

We have two anniversaries.  One for the court house wedding in September and the public wedding in January.

Why both? You see, I was a paramedic working 70 hour work weeks.  I realized something.  Someone else saw my daughters first steps, her first word was not momma and I wasn't there when she got sick.  I was two hours away taking someone elses sick child to Children's hospital.  I was taking a young woman to her chemo treatments and an older lady for dialysis.  My job was fulfilling but I was missing out on the most important job of all.  Being a mom.

We had planned the wedding already.  Just the beginning stages but it was coming together.  It was a long way from happening.  But I was missing out on so much with my baby girl.

Where did this come from?  A career minded, work-a-holic wants to be a stay at home mom?  Me?


I wouldn't let him support us before we were married.  Our solution was to elope and that is just what we did.   I was afraid.  To trust my heart to a man and trust him to support us.  To not abuse us.  That was a stretch.

Now here we are, 17 years latter.  Still in love.

I don't want any gifts or even a special dinner.  I have what I want right beside me.  My husband. We will spend Saturday doing what we always do.  We will have a fun family day, together.  A perfect way to spend any day of the year! 


  1. Happy Anniversary!
    I hope you two have an amazing day. and - I hope you are feeling better as well, so you can enjoy your day.

  2. Thank you! I am feeling better! Today is going to be a great day.

  3. Happy Happy Anniversary (since there are 2)! Sara

  4. Happy anniversaries :) Nothing beats fun, family day outs :)

    Dee x

  5. Thank you ladies. It has been a great day.