Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Pet Peeve

Sorry, no DD news.  With a house full of sick people, DD is at a stand still.  Dragon pretty much won't spank me if my breathing is off in any way.  He doesn't want to make it any harder for me to breath and end up in the ER.

But... A FB post got me thinking.....

I understand that not everyone wants kids.  Some people just don't like kids at all.  Others can't have children for some reason or another.  I am an open minded person.  A live and let live person.  Absolutely!  However, when you call your pets fur kids, don't expect me to believe you.  A dog is not a child.  A cat is not a child.  I am sure you  love your animals as much as I love mine.  But if you want me to believe you are happy without children, don't call them fur kids or fur babies!   That makes me think they are simply fill ins for the real thing.  Sad really.

 Another thing, if you don't have kids, don't tell me how to raise mine.  I don't care how many child psychology classes you have had.  I don't care how many friends with kids you have.  Or what a bad job you think I am doing.  If you want to give me advice about kids, have one.  Be a parent for a few years and then you can give me advice.

Stepping down from my soap box for the day.  I don't feel good and I am having a peevish kind of day.

Notes for those who do have kids!
*don't take advice from those you see as poor parents!
*don't take parenting advice from those who have no children!


  1. You know, it never ceases to amaze me how people without children or who display an excessive lack of parenting skills, are the ones who leap forward to tell you how it's done.

  2. Oh I could get on that soapbox with you you have no idea! But I won't or I'd go on forever lol! My older sister hasn't a maternal bone in her body. Luckily she knows better than to pass any judgement on my parenting skills! I used to have a male health visitor after my 1st baby, who had no children, to tell me how this should be done, how that should be done...... how easy it was to breastfeed etc. By the time I had my 2nd child, and was a bit more confident and clued up...... I was ready for him!

    Dee x

  3. lil. my point exactly!

    Dee. that is like me watching a video about snow skying and telling an Olympic pro how it is done! Not going to happen. Good for you that you were ready for him the second time around. LOL I wouldn't want to be him.

  4. Wow, someone must have really pissed you off. At least that's what I'm getting from this post.

  5. Grace, don't read it with anger. Maybe irritated would be a better word. Its not worth that much effort. Simply a small pet peeve. One of my FB palls made a post about her fur kid. She loves her dog and claims she never wants to be a mother. Hmmm... Then why call the dog a fur kid?

    Yep. Irritated but not angry. And yes, she is still my friend. To those who have no children but insist on telling me how I am doing it all wrong, have kids, then I can laugh at you.

  6. I guess it just sounded judgmental to me, but perhaps that's because you were feeling judged?

    I have kids myself and generally don't give out parenting advice unless asked.

  7. Sorry Grace, I didn't intend to come across that way. I can see how it would. Thanks

  8. Grace you are right on something else too. I do feel a big judged. Thanks

  9. No need for apologies, you needed to vent and get something off your chest and you did. ;)