Monday, January 30, 2012

In Need

Hi my name is Dragon's Rose and I am a spanko.

Yep.  There you have it.  Dragon loves to spank me and I love to be spanked!

I am stressed to the limit!  Sewing for the upcoming wedding, getting ready for a possible move, praying for a JOB for Dragon!  Too many unknowns.  Too much can go wrong.

Some nights I sleep like a baby.  Curled up in Dragon's strong arms, the world of worries can not touch me.  Tonight is not one of those nights.  When I close my eyes I see yards and yards of silk that needs to be cut and sewn.  Wool and linen that i haven't figured out what to do with.  I pack up the house in my head, deciding what to take and what to leave.  I lock the front door for the very last time.  And my eyes pop open, my chest hurts and I just want to cry.

My eyes feel dry and irritated with lack of sleep.  I need a good flogging.  I need to feel the sting of the paddles.  I need to feel his strength against the delicate skin of my back and behind.  Sub space is a place I long to be.  The feeling that the worry of the world is falling away and I am floating away on an gentile ocean breeze.  It is almost within read.



How I wish we had a little right about now.  I know I could sleep after a good session with the whips and paddles.  With our roles reestablished, my sleepy eyes would close.  Peaceful sleep would come.

Wish in one hand, spit in the other.

My wise old grandmother said those words to me years ago.  They still hold true today.


Did Dragon read this over my shoulder last night?  I think he must have.  He told me this morning that I would be getting spanked tonight before we go to bed.  He said that we are both feeling better and it is time to get back into the whole things.  Discipline, stress relief and love making.  I have been telling him no lately.


  1. too! Hope you feel better after as well.

  2. Hope you do get what you need tonight, I got mine this morning.

  3. Thank you ladies, I hope it does help. It has been so long that I really don't know what to expect tonight. I hope he lets me use safe words.

  4. I hope things went well and you're feeling better!

  5. A migraine delayed everything by a day, then I had an asthma attack. He was just getting started. Oh well. It was enough to help.