Sunday, August 6, 2017


My oldest dropped out of school. Even homeschool have standards.  Requirements for graduation that must be met and I don't give away diplomas for free.

The daughter next in line met the minimum requirements last year but wanted to do a few extra college prep classes.  She is understandably nervous about succeeding and wanted to be better prepared.  She is nearly done with those last few classes.  I added them to her transcripts and turned them in to the school she chose.

I surprised her last night with a question.  "Would you like a cap and gown?  I am getting ready to order your diploma and we can get it for you. "

She gave me the biggest smile.  It is ordered.  For some reason she thought that graduation was something expected and not a big deal.  But here is mom making a very big deal of it.  I am so proud of her and she needed to know it.

Now she needs to get past this entrance exam thing.  This state has some odd requirements but we will do what needs to be done.  Proud of my baby girl.

Ps.  At 23 my oldest finally decided that maybe school was important and maybe she should have listened to momma.  She is back in school working on her GED.  She wants to be an elementary school teacher.  Sometimes they take a little longer to grow up.  I am very proud of her too!  But she can buy her own cap and gown.

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