Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Better Direction

Years ago, I turned our finances over to Dragon.  He fixed the problems with his credit and earned the best credit score it is possible to have.  The only problem we currently have is that we don't have enough revolving credit.  I think that is awesome!


Isn't there always a but?  Dragon isn't very good at saving money or even leaving a savings account alone.  Nearly $50,000 gone and not much to show for it.  A utility trailer we can't pull and a riding lawnmower.  Fairly cheap items compared to the missing money.

Yes, I got mad.  Then I got over it.  This is who he is and I know it.  With my direction he learned how to pay bills.  He learned which corners can be cut and which ones can't.  But the man can't stand to have money sitting in a savings account and see me in rags.

Years ago we saved money in a jar for a very nice sewing machine.  I started putting money back in the jar for a down payment on land.  $30 in cash and who knows how much in change I already had in the jar.

This morning I dusted off my old jar and let Dragon know it is there.  He got excited.  He wants me to open a savings account at a different bank, without his name on the account.  No risk of cheating that way.  He wants to set up a payment plan to build the account.  The jar will stay put for pocket change but he really wants to seriously start saving.

I think he just needed a little push in the right direction.  I need a co signer just in case I'm away and he needs access to the account.  It won't be him but I haven't figured out who I trust with that responsibility.

One step at a time.  I don't have enough to open an account yet.  It is progress.  I'm not sure how serious he is taking this but he could see how happy I was to have $23 squirreled away.  I think he liked my smile and enthusiasm.  $10,000 is the first goal.  Let's see how dedicated he is this time.


  1. Yes, I have $30 now. Dragon emptied out his pockets this morning for the jar. I'll take every penny. It adds up fast.

  2. Replies
    1. At our current rate of savings it would take 16 years to get a reasonable down payment for today's housing market. Yikes. But if I know my Dragon, he will give me more money than just the budgeted $50.

  3. Good idea! Hope you two make your goal!

    1. One penny at a time. A dollar here and there adds up in the grocery store fast! I hope that is the way it works for my savings account.

  4. That is awesome! It's hard to let go sometimes, but usually worth it. Yay for your/his savings plan...it sounds like a great idea ��

    1. Money was always a fight before I told him to deal with it. For two months he was late with every bill but then he got the hang of it. I hope it doesn't take 16 years. Yikes