Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Keeping Busy

I worked more on my garage room today.  The workout equipment is all back in place and the mats are ready to go down.  We are going to take out a table that just collects junk and another one that I have a flat screen tv set up on.  I need more floor space.  The tv can mount on the wall and I have a higher shelf I can sit the DVD player.

Progress.  I am beating this depression little by little.

I may have earned a spanking today.  Dragon wants me to go to the gym today but I am already tired. I moved heavy equipment around outside.  The punching bag has a new home.  That thing isn't light.  I moved the bench into place and most of the weights. Everything has been repositioned. My shoulders ache and I am wheezing from all the dust.

But I still disobeyed.  I could have worked legs but I chose to whine.  Totally wimped out.  I got shy about my body.  Out of shape and plump.

We shall see.  Dragon may agree that I did enough or he may go all HOH on me.  I wasn't supposed to move the equipment on my own.  I wasn't supposed to do more than clear the middle of the floor.  AND I was supposed to go to the gym.  I never know what Dragon will do.

Honestly, he will probably give me a pass but then again.....  he has been kinda bossy here lately.  I said that I would confess.  That I would be more honest with Dragon. That is what I am going to do.  Even if it gets me spanked. The fact still remains.  I did too much.  The gym would be a bad idea.


  1. Happy you are overcoming your depression Rose. Ya know, moving all that heavy stuff could harm you to where you couldn't exercise at all...and then you would probably find yourself really fighting depression. Congrats on confessing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I was right. Didn't even need forgiveness. He trusted me to know my limits. I moved a punching bag! Frame and all. That thing was heavy.

      I am on a roller coaster. I get super fit and then my body shuts down. Nope. This last time it was nerve pain. It was so bad that I even thought about illegal drugs to cut it. Never went that far. The pain isn't gone but I can deal with it. Now it is just beating the depression caused by the ups and downs. With Dragon, I'll do it.