Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Gentle Reminder

Dragon doesn't stay triggered all the time.  Most of the time he is his usual, happy self.  Sunday he showed me that the rules didn't go out the window.

 I don't remember where we were going but something was forgotten in the house.  No idea what.  We were running very late.  I ran back in the house, grabbed the forgotten item and hopped back in the car.

And we were off....

For the second time...

And I forgot my seatbelt.

Oops.  That is one of Dragon's pet peeves.  Seatbelts will be worn.  No excuses. No exceptions.

Instead of a trip to the garage, I got a gentle warning.  He will give me a few before he decides to take care of the seat of the problem. If I keep forgetting my seatbelt, he won't hesitate and it won't be fun.

Yep.  Dragon is still my Dragon.  That didn't change.  The only difference is that I told you how bad the ptsd gets at times.

Ps.  If. IF we can get the ada letter withdrawn he should be promoted to a full time position in a few months.  Cross your fingers.  JOB security...  imagine that?  AND  40 hour work weeks.

Yes please.


  1. Everything will be as it should be - keeping positive thoughts is the best thing you can do and ask of others.

  2. Full time job with 40 hour work week! How awesome is that! Sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts. Hope everything continues to get better with less triggering.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  3. Sometimes we need those gentle reminders more than anything. Sending well wishes that the job situation works out for the best. ((hugs))