Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Books

We have a family tradition.  Every year, around Thanksgiving we pick out a Christmas story for me to read to the family.  Every year it is a new story.  This year's book is by Debbie McComber.  "Mr. Miracle".  It isn't the worst book we have chosen but it isn't the best either.

What makes it funny are my thoughts as I am reading it out loud.  I have to stop and giggle to myself before I am able to continue.  I keep thinking, "Dang that girl needs a spanking." or "Why doesn't he just tan her backside. I know he wants too."  and one more "I can see her standing in a corner with a very red behind right about now."

I know.  I'm bad.  I am the one with spanking on the mind.  Sigh...

Dragon got home late last night.  He was tired and spanking didn't happen.  He woke up ready for the day though.  A quickie before his morning shower.

He wants to get me my own laptop.  I wrote constantly as a teenager.  I had so many story ideas.  My aunt made fun of my notebooks and I sadly put them away. She never even bothered to read what I wrote.  With a few thoughtless words she crushed something I took pressure in.  I didn't even think about other people reading my stories.  I just loved to write.  Dragon wants me to start writing again. Even if no one ever sees my stories.  He said that when am ready to publish one of them, he will do all the leg work.  Find an agent, editor, publisher.  Whatever he needs to do to make it happen.  I have a great husband.  Love my Dragon just a little.


  1. Hope you get your laptop.
    When you're ready, why not start my submitting a story to PK over at New Beginnings for Fantasy Friday. You'll get some feedback that may help and then i urge you to check out LSF Publications. I think you'll find them very easy to work with.

  2. As a teenager, I wrote almost as much as I read. My aunt was a trusted adult. Now I see her for what she is. A bitter women who is jealous of the life I have. I don't know why I let her mean words stop me. I'll write but if anyone sees what I write is a question for another day.

  3. Hey Rose...hope Dragon gets a break from work and you two are able to get in some fun spanking time soon. Shame on your aunt! I am so sorry you endured that kind of hurt. Write because you love to...that's why I paint. Sunny had a great idea...share a story on PKs FF...everyone is positive and helpful. And if someone doesn't like it...so what...you are writing for you not them. Sending lots of positive energy your way!

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Dragon should have a day off soon. I learned latter to accept my aunt just the way she is. I don't put up with her mean comments but I try not to shut her out. She loves to.pout and be a marter.

      I'll start keeping a journal again and see what happens. If I come up with a spanko story I'll give Pk a visit. Thanks

  4. Dream stealers are those people who crush the artist in us. I'm sorry that happened to you. I think you should write a DD story! I love all your hot descriptions, I think you have a real talent. And I can definitely help with the scoop on publishers, etc. <3