Wednesday, October 15, 2014

More Change

With NFP going again, I should have expected more change.

A NEW  rule.

Exersize every day.  Unless I am obviously sick something is expected.  Fever, vomiting, clogged head.  Those are valid reasons to skip.  If it is just checking the mail that is something.

I may get away with one day but not a week.

And another rule.  Work in the sewing room.  This one is a little more flexible but not much.

I think I should be worried.

Time to get busy.


  1. I was just wondering, as a couple who are trying to find a healthy balance. How did you find a balance with BDSM / DD and your Christian beliefs? I mean no disrespect at all...I'm just curious!! Is your belief that whatever a married couple does together as two consenting adults is fine? I'm having some difficulty expressing the question in written form, please understand that i do not mean ANY disrespect. Sincerely, Lee

    1. Nothing we do is dirty. We are both absolutely committed to out marriage and we are both consenting adults. Yes, I asked my priest. Poor thing. I don't think anyone had ever asked before. He gave me the same answer. With a red face. :-)

      No offence taken.

  2. Thanks for your guidance! That is what I always thought also....yet never have the nerve to ask clergy!! :) My husband and I are just beginning DD...and we've been married over 24 years!

  3. That is what I have always felt as well.

    Good luck with the new rules. I bet you do great!

  4. LOL Rose...don't think you should be worried...think you are just very happy that you and your Dragon are in the place you are in. ;) I am very happy for you!

    Hugs and Blessings...