Monday, October 13, 2014

Dragon's Hands

What should be simple and easy to write about, isn't. His hands do so much.  They provide for our family, repair broken dolls, make our cars run smooth, they bandage boo boos and pull my hair back out of my face when I am sick.

His hands taught me how to trust and then how to love.  They showed me that all hands are not cruel.  That they can be gentile and loving.

His hands bring me unimaginable pleasure.  There isn't a part of my body immune to his touch.  Under his loving hands I am one big hot spot.  By the time he finally gets around to sex,  have already climaxed several times.  He says that I am all about the foreplay and that is great.  He loves to loves to watch me squirm in pleasure as he brings me to the brink over and over again.

His hands provide stress relief bare bottomed over his lap.  They remind me that I have shelter in the storm.  They give me boundaries and guidance in a world gone crazy.  His hands punish me when I need it the most.

Dragon wanted me to write a post about his hands.  He thought it would be easy.  His hands just provide pleasure during sex.  Right?


It isn't simple at all.  His hands do so much more than just one little job.

Love my Dragon.  Can you tell?

 Fingers crossed that I get to go to bed tonight with a sore bottom.


  1. You really made me smile with this post Rose. Sending positive energy that you get your wish tonight! ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  2. Very nice Rose. Happy for you and Dragon.