Tuesday, February 26, 2013

There is a App for that

Wow.  I have just entered the world of the smart phone.  I liked my old cell better.  All it did was make phone calls.  I had to get my kids to help me check the voice mail feature.  I had a hard time making that work!  This new phone makes phone calls, texts, plays music, takes pictures  makes videos and surfs the net.  And now I discover this thing called "apps".  There is an app for everything!  Ok, almost everything.  I am still looking for the wash dishes app and the fold laundry app.

There is an app that lets me read my kindle books on my phone.  An app that lets me use the camera feature as a flashlight.  I can use an app that counts my laps as I walk in endless circles around my yard.    There is even an app for tracking fertility.


Yep.  You got it right.  Fertility! 

I was shocked.

You see, we don't use chemical birth control but we don't want to keep with with the Duggars either.  Crazy people!  What are they up to now?  22 kids?  I can't keep track.  We use a program called Natural Family Planning.  I keep a chart by the bed to track the signs of fertility.  There are 4.  I'm not sure how effective it is but I haven't gotten pregnant and didn't intend to.

The one time I tried the pill, I just couldn't handle it.  The side effects didn't bother me but the idea of taking a drug for no other reason than my convenience just bugged me.  And then there is the thing about the pill and IUD acting as an abortifact a percentage of the time.  I have 4 kids but I have been pregnant 8 times.  I couldn't handle the idea that I might be flushing away a potential pregnancy.   Dragon didn't like the idea of me being on the pill either.  For many of the same reasons.

Sooo..... Dragon scheduled the snip snip surgery.

No big deal.



I couldn't handle that any more than he could handle me on the pill.  It just seemed wrong to alter his body for convenience.  There are risks to the surgery that the doctors gloss over.  They read them off so fast that you don't have a chance to really absorb any of it.  On the day of his appointment, i was a nervous wreck.  We were ready.

We got to the clinic with me nearly in tears and Dragon frustrated with me.     He didn't seem to think it was as big of deal as I did.  (keep in mind he was active duty military)  He walked up to the desk to check in.  The desk clerk informed him that he missed his appointment by several hours.  (I know we had the time right)  She stood there and yelled at him for 5 minutes about the importance of keeping your appointments and how he was going to be written up.  She announced to the entire waiting room what his appointment was for, his private information and continued with her lecture.

I am not sure what happened to the clerk.  An airman can not ever yell at an NCO nor show that level of disrespect.  Nor can hospital staff broadcast private information that way.   What I do know is that I walked out of that clinic stunned.  He wasn't having the surgery.  He didn't reschedule the appointment and we had a long talk.  We knew we had the time right.  When the appointment was made he wasn't given an appointment slip so we had no proof.  But they didn't have proof either.  The matter of the missed appointment was dropped.

Dragon realized how important this was to me and hasn't asked about it again.  He said the mix up with the appointment was a God thing.  God speaks and His word is law.

We sill use NFP and now I see that there is indeed an app for that.

Hmmm.  I wonder if there is a spanking app.... or a DD app


  1. It does seem like a sign to think it over again. DH got the big snippy snippy, and we both love the convenience of it! Really do.
    When I got my smart phone, I went and downloaded a slap notification sound, now my phone keeps spanking! Lol.

    1. Not sure what is so smart about these phones. Ok. It is smarter than I am....

  2. Yeah there is an app for everything . I have an app to track my period - we've had the big v here too but I have become so irregular between 21 and 28 days that it helps me to keep better track.

    I also have all the catholic prayers and a confession app. Play around- but anymore there is an app for everything.

    1. I still can't find the dish washing app or the respectful teenager app. Those are strangely missing.

  3. Yep, I use that app. The funny thing is once I flipped open my phone to schedule an appt with a client and I hit the "my days" app or maybe it was open. I turned to the day on the calendar and clicked to enter the appointment and died when the options that came up were "had sex" or "start period"

  4. So many apps! I have the fertility app, but I just use it to track mine. I was 'fixed' after the emergency c-sect with #3. I regret it. I didn't know the side effects, I didn't know much at all. We were finished (are finished) with having babies. And it is convenient, but I wouldn't do it again given a re-do.
    Congrats on your new phone! ;)

    1. It just wasn't for us. NFP does take a lot of discipline but so far we haven't had any unplanned surprises.